Early Intervention Programme (EIP)

The Early Intervention Programme (EIP) is our award winning non-formal education provision established in 2016. It provides young people aged 11 to 16 the opportunity to address their issues and well-being outside of a formal educational setting. Young people referred to EIP attend once a week over an eight week cycle, participating in practical tasks on either of our upcycling or media project options.

Through EIP we provide an alternative environment to formal education and use the concept of experimental learning through practical tasks. We use a holistic way of working with the young people and provide intensive pastoral support both one to one and in group settings. Through using conversation the young people are given the time to discuss and explore their own opinions, choices and behaviour. For evaluation individual reviews are completed throughout the project and we also use Outcomes Star TM, a unique suite of tools for supporting and measuring change when working with people.

High Sheriff Award Winner 2016
Best Inclusion Initiative Winner, 2018 Golden Apples

NADT EIP Upcycle