Blooming Youth – Outreach Community Gardening Project

Our award winning Blooming Youth project engages with young people aged 12-17 and has been successful in its outcomes with both the young people and the local community.

Blooming Youth was developed to bridge the gap between generations with a group of young people aiding the elderly and disabled with their outdoor spaces. Group tasks included maintaining, clearing, replanting and basic landscaping.

Personal outcomes for the young people included creating a sense of responsibility, boosting confidence and self-esteem as well as improving social, life and interaction skills. The project also provided a safe and stable setting and helped the young people with their personal development and guiding them with the choices and consequences they have and make in their lives. Through interaction with their local community the project showed both the community and the young people how respect, pride, and some hard work in something can go along way.

  • Doreen Parsons Young Persons Trophy Winner, Cumbria in Bloom Pride in Your Community 2015
  • Level 4 It’s Your Neighbourhood Award 2015, Britain in Bloom with the Royal Horticultural Society
  • Special Community Award, Wigton in Bloom 2015
  • Community Involvement Finalist, 2015 CN Group Golden Apples
  • Joint Winner for their Annual Contribution to Community, Adam Wilson Memorial Award, Cumbria Youth Alliance 2014
  • Best Maintained Public Space Competition, Wigton in Bloom 2014
  • Discovery Award Winner, John Muir Trust Award 2014
  • Level 3 It’s Your Neighbourhood Award 2014, Britain in Bloom with the Royal Horticultural Society